about remcon


A manufacturing facility that originated in East Boston, Massachusetts in 1965. In 1983 we relocated to the beautiful lakes region in Meredith, New Hampshire.
For the past 50 years we have served the aerospace, defense and firearms industries. Our facility is over 33,000 square feet and has the latest machining technology available to meet all of your production and prototype needs. The core principles of Remcon are quality, precisionand innovation. Remcon and its engineering staff specialize in your products’ manufacturing from development to conception.

Remcon is a company of amazing people working on the cutting edge of the most exciting industries. Our relationships are with the largest firearms manufacturers in the country combined with government contracting places Remcon on top, as the largest manufacturer of gas tubes in the USA. With our unique thinking and exceptional standards, we expect the most demanding end user.

In its rich history Remcon takes great pride in producing quality products and creating jobs in the United States. Remcon focuses on our love for the industries we support in conjunction with the highest quality standards. Our company continues to expand its product line and services to meet emerging customer needs.


John Remson

Director of Day to Day Operations, Owner

Kenneth Remson

Lead Machinist, Owner

Robert Remson

Supervisor, Owner

William Remson

Supervisor, Owner

Marie Remson


MaryAnn Remson

Director of Finances, Administration & Safety

A graduate of the University of New Hampshire with a BA in Business Management. MaryAnn has 10+ years experience with Remcon. Starting her career at Remcon in production. She has implemented day to day safety protocols and standards. MaryAnn currently oversees the human resource department.

David Kimball


Craig Jenkerson

Director of Research and Development

Craig brings 30 + years experience in machining, prototyping and development. Craig is a major asset at Remcon consistently developing for the demand of the industry.